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Reformer Pilates for Seniors

Age is just a number, and at On Form, we celebrate the incredible journey of our seniors who have found renewed vitality through Reformer Pilates. It's not about pushing boundaries; it's about breaking stereotypes and embracing movement tailored to individual needs.

Reformer Pilates provides a gentle yet effective approach, offering seniors the opportunity to regain strength, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being. Our studio has witnessed numerous success stories where seniors have not only embraced the joy of daily movement but have also found a community that supports their unique fitness goals.

The adjustable nature of the reformer makes it an ideal fitness companion for seniors, allowing for personalized modifications to cater to varying abilities. Through our tailored classes, we've witnessed seniors rediscovering the pleasure of movement, breaking free from the constraints of age, and embracing a lifestyle full of energy and vitality.

If you're wanting to give this journey a shot, we recommend starting you reformer journey with our class Flow. If you want specialised support we recommend a one on one private session to get yourself into the movements without jumping into a full class.

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