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About Us

Welcome to On Form, your cozy little corner of the Pilates world that's all about more than just exercise. Sure, we've got the reformer, but we're also building a tight-knit community that's all about celebrating well-being and having your back on the journey to strength and mobility.

Ever felt the magic of a small, intimate space? It's not just about sweating it out; it's about making connections and getting the kind of personalized attention that makes every move count. We love being small because it means our awesome instructors can give you quick and meaningful feedback, bringing you closer to those wellness goals of yours.

At On Form, we're not your average studio; we're more like a community hangout. We get how crucial a supportive vibe is on your wellness journey, so our classes are small and cozy, making it easy for you to connect with others who are just as committed to well-being as you are.

Our studio is your sanctuary. A safe spot to explore, challenge yourself, and grow – both in strength and in that zen-like mental space. It doesn't matter if you're new to Pilates or a seasoned pro; we've got a spot for you at On Form.

And hey, it's not just about the reformer here. We're all about boosting your overall well-being, blending Pilates know-how with a touch of mindfulness. You'll leave not just physically stronger, but with a clearer mind and a seriously refreshed spirit.

Why Pilates at On Form?

Ready for a laid-back, personalized Pilates journey? Our awesome instructors are here to guide you from the basics to advanced moves, all at your own speed.

Get ready for some serious transformations – strength building, flexibility gains, and overall mobility boosts. We cheer for every win, big or small, because every little step is a leap toward a healthier, more vibrant you.

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