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Dealing with an injury

Navigating through an injury can be a challenging journey, but the transformative power of Reformer Pilates can be your guiding light toward rehabilitation and recovery. At On Form, we understand the importance of adapting your fitness routine to support your healing process.

Tailored Rehabilitation:

Reformer Pilates stands out as an exceptional modality for injury management. The adjustable nature of the reformer allows our experienced instructors to customize movements, ensuring they align with your comfortable range and contribute to your rehabilitation goals. Whether you're dealing with a minor strain or a more significant injury, the controlled environment of the reformer provides a safe space to rebuild strength and mobility.

Communication is Key:

When joining a Reformer Pilates class with an injury, communication with your instructor is paramount. Inform them about the nature and severity of your injury, allowing them to modify exercises accordingly. Our instructors are here to provide support and guidance, ensuring your workout is tailored to your specific needs.

Building Stability for a Stronger Future:

Reformer Pilates not only aids in the recovery process but also focuses on building stability. The controlled resistance provided by the reformer springs targets key muscle groups, enhancing overall stability. This newfound stability not only reduces the risk of reinjury but also forms a solid foundation for your body's strength and resilience.

At On Form, we believe that Reformer Pilates is not just a workout; it's a journey toward holistic well-being. Embrace the power of mindful movement, let your journey to recovery begin, and rediscover the strength, stability, and mobility that will guide you back to your best self.

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