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We're a small and intimate reformer Pilates studio based in Saint Kilda, Ōtepoti.

Come and see our movement space which is designed to have you feeling on form.

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1. Intelligent + Informed

Our approach to Reformer Pilates is built on the belief that through a holistic knowledge of the human body, we can harness and refine strength, flexibility & balance – to enable truly transformational results.

2. Small, but mighty

Our studio is centred on attention to detail; and so, our classes are designed to be small and intimate in nature to allow for genuine understanding of your personal needs, goals, and ongoing performance.

3.  Conscious Questions
We believe that the best approach to movement is agile and adaptable in its nature. To ensure our techniques and classes are designed with the most progressive insight & education, we constantly ask ourselves ‘What is the intention of this movement or exercise?’.



You can find us at 48 Prince Albert Road, in the heart of Saint Kilda. There is plenty of on street parking and the studio is a mere 5-minute walk to the beach!


As born lovers of the great outdoors, we welcome the ‘Salty hair, don’t care philosophy’ into the studio and on the mat – sandy feet included!

meet Sam


Throughout her life, Sam has faced the challenges of endometriosis, but she discovered the power of healing through yoga, meditation, and ultimately, reformer pilates. These practices not only helped her manage her condition but also became her passion.


As a first-time mom, Sam understands the transformative effects of reformer. It played a pivotal role in her postnatal recovery, helping her rebuild strength and find balance after giving birth. Her personal experience makes her a compassionate and relatable guide for new mothers seeking to regain their vitality.


Samantha's approach to teaching is a mix of fun and silliness, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. Although, she'll push you hard, helping you achieve your fitness goals while keeping you engaged and motivated throughout your journey.


You can be confident that she'll provide unique support and guidance, helping you reach your fitness aspirations while fostering a sense of well-being.

meet Britt


Movement has always been a big part of Britt’s life and something that she absolutely fizzes off - growing up dancing, playing sport and horse riding.

After finishing school, she then began teaching group fitness and
fell in love with the upbeat vibe, positivity and energy of training with others. However, after suffering some pretty bad injuries there was a natural progression to finding Reformer Pilates and she has never looked back!

Britt enjoys creating flowing, dynamic Pilates classes that have a strong focus on technique and always provide a bit of a challenge, but at the same time offer options, making Pilates accessible and successful for everyone.

“People always think that they can’t do something, or sell
themselves short, I love to encourage and support people to realise their full capabilities and strength and leave a Pilates class feeling energised and standing that little bit taller.”

When Britt isn’t at Pilates you can find her at her full-time gig being a Primary School Teacher, hanging with her dogs, Knox and Kobe or off somewhere having a good ol’ gasbag..

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Lauren is an energy healer and wellness facilitator here in Dunedin. 


Movement has always been a key part of her life - she grew up heavily involved in sports like tennis, netball, and dance. However, when she experienced chronic fatigue and pain, she found herself with very compromised mobility. 


Her passion for reformer stems from a drive to heal her body, as she believes reformer was the key form of movement that not only allowed her body to heal, but also strengthen at the same time.  


Lauren is strongly committed to helping people in the community with their physical and mental wellbeing, so she was excited to complete reformer training a while back to add into her coaching repertoire. With this love of movement, community, and her background in coaching and facilitating healings we are so excited to have her join the on form team. 


If not at the studio, you’ll likely find her with coffee in hand at the beach - walking/watching the surf, or in her wellness space facilitating energy healings. 


meet Maddie


Training most of her life as a dancer, movement comes very naturally to Maddie. Previously, Maddie worked as a professional dancer in Sydney, Australia, where she also began her reformer pilates journey. 


Now back in New Zealand, Maddie is continuing her love of health and movement through studying physiotherapy and also owning/operating her own dance school in Dunedin. A true believer in holistic health her mission is to promote mobility, strength, and flexibility both mentally and physically.


As a teacher of over 9 years, she knows how to bring the best out of people and help them towards their goals. Maddie’s teaching style is all about connecting your mind and body to get the most out of your practice. She also loves to put her anatomical knowledge to good use within her classes so students can focus on using the right muscles while feeling the joy that movement brings. 


meet Hanna


Hanna likes bringing the excitement an curiosity back to movement with reformer pilates.
From first timers to those with years of practice under the belt, she loves getting people to find their strengths but also slowly work on progressing their weaknesses.


Her classes have a strong focus around creating dynamic combos around your favourite OG reformer moves- of course with a bangin’ tune in the background.


When not at pilates you’ll find me at work as a sports nutritionist, whipping up some new recipes in the kitchen, or having a cuppa and slice from the local Long Dog 



meet Ellie



Ellie is an On-Form regular, you probably recognise her from sweating it up on the machine next to you!

As a doctor, she understands how injuries, health concerns and busy lives can limit your participation in exercise. She first started reformer looking for something that could keep her moving and would fit into her busy work schedule, now she is completely reformer obsessed.
In particular she enjoys gaining strength and challenging her stability, as well as the opportunity to add variety and playfulness to her day. She is a firm believer that reformer is for everyone, whether you are a pro or someone completely new.

Outside of the studio, Ellie is likely with friends, family or her Choccy Lab Rosie. She is an avid knitter, beach lover and next year will be returning to University for (even more) study.

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